Acquisitions and mergers of companies, investments in existing or start-up projects, starting an investment project “on the green” and a number of other investment activities require professional legal, economic and general business justification, strict compliance with the form of the law and economic logic in numbers. Our services aim to ensure that the projects in which you invest your money have real potential, without legal obstacles, and that your relations with the state, associates and partners are clear and problem-free from the very beginning.

Unfortunately, it often happens that we receive customer cases when something in the investment boxed. When economic, administrative or legal cases have arisen that require an urgent response. Although we have experience in solving such situations, our recommendation is not to wait for this stage, but to use our services at the very beginning of your projects so that they can run successfully.

  • Investment evaluation
  • Business and financial planning
  • Establishment of a project company
  • Investment transactions
  • Share agreements and share distribution
  • Agreements between partners
  • Property management contracts
  • Other investment advisory services

Investment projects are a complex combination of contractual, administrative and economic requirements and features. The investment of significant funds must be carefully analyzed and presented in figures (about the economic justification) and in documents concerning the legal parties of the project. Consult with us before starting the project so that it can be constructed correctly and bring you the desired profit.