Our services

Our services

Legal, consulting services

Opinions and consultations

Written and oral legal opinions and consultations in the field of civil, commercial and administrative law. Starting a business, reviewing private documents or acts of state, municipal and other administrative bodies, change in your civil status, inheritance, failure to fulfill a contract and many others - about the possible actions, about the potential pitfalls - ask and we will answer you, in writing or verbally, in person or remotely.

Procedural representation

You have received a summons for a case before a court or a bailiff, you want to seek your legal rights - we will be happy to assist you. In cooperation with our partner law and enforcement offices, you will receive optimal protection of your rights.


Every single business transaction, every single negotiation of the terms of a deal - everyday life is filled with a string of signed contracts. When negotiating transactions of significant consequence and importance to you, it is advisable to obtain timely and adequate legal advice. We guarantee full protection of your interests, regardless of whether we are drafting the necessary contract, revising a contract proposed by the other party or participating in contract negotiations.

Investment transactions

Every business venture has a legal form. Whether it is about your daily actions to implement the business or an investment transaction of a different size - we provide you with the necessary legal assistance and consultation.

Other legal services

Contact us to inquire about the legal or consulting service you need and we will quickly guide you through the issue. Timely legal advice will save you money, time and a host of potential problems down the road. Invest in your peace of mind and success.

Real estate services

Property deals

Full legal service for real estate transactions. Whether you are buying or selling a house, villa or other property, for investment purposes, settling relations between relatives, transferring to your children or for any other reason, we will do everything necessary to achieve your goal in the easiest and fastest way possible way. Searching for a property, announcing a property for sale, negotiating a future transaction, drafting and concluding a preliminary contract and notarial deed, procurement of documents, representation before a notary - we take care of all these things.

Property management

Properties should be managed properly to be an asset and not a burden. So they can bring you income and will not be a source of problems, nerves and trouble. Regardless of the reasons, there are many cases in which the management of a property becomes a significant, even insurmountable difficulty – the owners live outside Bulgaria, live in another populated place, do not have time or knowledge, own more properties and a number of other reasons why entrust their management to us.

We offer a similar service as one of the most sought after in the market. It may include renting, entering into leases, paying taxes and other obligations on the property, contacting the tenants and monitoring the timely payment of bills by them, maintenance and repair of the properties, regular verification of ownership in the property register, with purpose of fraud prevention or overall management of your property.

Real estate transactions and their management require serious experience, which we can put at your service. We will understand your goals and help you get the most out of your real estate transactions - seamlessly and successfully.

Investment consulting services

Acquisitions and mergers of companies, investments in existing or start-up projects, starting an investment project "on the green" and a number of other investment activities require professional legal, economic and general business justification, strict compliance with the form of the law and economic logic in numbers. Our services aim to ensure that the projects in which you invest your money have real potential, without legal obstacles, and that your relations with the state, associates and partners are clear and problem-free from the very beginning.

Unfortunately, it often happens that we receive customer cases when something in the investment boxed. When economic, administrative or legal cases have arisen that require an urgent response. Although we have experience in solving such situations, our recommendation is not to wait for this stage, but to use our services at the very beginning of your projects so that they can run successfully.

  • Investment evaluation
  • Business and financial planning
  • Establishment of a project company
  • Investment transactions
  • Share agreements and share distribution
  • Agreements between partners
  • Property management contracts
  • Other investment advisory services

Investment projects are a complex combination of contractual, administrative and economic requirements and features. The investment of significant funds must be carefully analyzed and presented in figures (about the economic justification) and in documents concerning the legal parties of the project. Consult with us before starting the project so that it can be constructed correctly and bring you the desired profit.

Asset management

Existing assets, whether it is an investment property, industrial plant or other business venture, need supervision, monitoring and management. These activities include the legal status of the asset, its relations with the state and partners.

Economic asset management requires the creation and availability of a clear and specific business plan. Optimizing the processes and updating them in the course of their implementation requires a correct reading of the incoming information, as well as knowledge of the circumstances and factors having a significant impact on the return and security of the asset management.

We offer competent asset management services that cover the entire range of necessary activities, enabling legal, financially profitable and economically efficient management.

The path from an idea that you consider profitable to its assessment of "possibility" and "success" is long and passes through many different analyzes and decisions - legal, financial, marketing and strategic. If you have assets that need adjustments in management, direction of development, monitoring and supervision, our company is the right choice to solve the tasks and achieve the desired goals.